Loving Lately

Loving Lately

I missed loving lately last week due to travels – so I’ll give you a lot this week! Happy Friday to everyone! Hope everyone has had a good week. I came down with a little “bug” the past three days – fever, achy, etc. – but I’m much better now. Pretty sure my niece gave it to me, and I can’t be mad at Lillie! See below…

I’ve been dying to try ramen and this 30 minute recipe seems like the place to start

Love a lettuce wrap

Autumn glow makes any food sound delightful

I love roasted carrots and these are perfect

For sure making these scones this weekend

Must try – I adore salt in desserts and pepper… intrigued

Can’t leave a soup out!

Get this pizza in my face

Spicy + tomato + bacon = my ideal pasta

Top on my next to make dessert list… need to make a “next to make” dessert list

These are second

Happy weekend!

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  1. Thanks for sharing!!

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