Christmas Recipes

Christmas Recipes

Christmas recipe roundup!


Everyone has their Christmas traditions. In my family, we do a Christmas brunch morning of Christmas after we open presents. I’d highly recommend these waffles on Christmas morning. Eggs? You always need an egg dish. Also this quiche with brussels sprouts and apples is TO. DIE. FOR.

Go ahead and make some mimosas that are festive that morning as well. After fancy coffee of course. A drink + monkey bread = happiness.


Then comes the meats. Pork is always good. Ham with raspberry mustard is so festive too! I heart mustard so much. Tired of turkey? Me too, but Jamie knows how to make it right. Beef in the form of prime rib is always a good idea.

christmas-tree-salad 24

Y’all do salad at Christmas? I’ll give ya a few. Christmas tree salad with swiss chard. CHOPPED salad. Everyone loves brie (except me).

K… ’nuff of the salad talk.


The sides. AKA my favorite part of Christmas (or Thanksgiving meals). Barefoot’s roasted carrots and parsnips need to make an appearance. Some mashed taters... with roasted garlic + goat cheese :). Butternut squash + sweet potatoes because only sweet potatoes was “so thanksgiving.” Skillet green beans. Personally I’m making this squash. And of course my goat cheese grits.


Desserts. These cookies stuffed with caramel. Anything chocolate and orange! Like a reeses shortbread YES. My molasses cookies.

Merry Christmas!!

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