About Me

myself Hey! I’m Marilyn, and I write and take pictures of recipes I make here. I strive to tweak recipes to make them as healthy as possible while still tasting delightful. Here, you’ll find everything from supper, lunch, breakfast, dessert and my commentary.  Not everything is healthy, but I try to use natural and un-processed ingredients in season as much as I can.

I am really obsessed with food. I don’t love the word foodie, but you could definitely consider me one. Growing up, I was a pretty picky kid. Hated cheese (still weird about it), mayonnaise (still not  into it), donuts (love them), chocolate chip cookies (I was crazy), and other random things. I’ve gotten SO much better and will try to cook or eat ANYTHING and find that I usually like it. I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like. My favorite food is ice cream.

I grew up in Tupelo, MS and went to college at Mississippi State (with a short graduate school stent at Ole Miss). I know… From there I moved to Nashville to work in public accounting. Hated it. Now I’m a surety bond underwriter in Birmingham, AL with an insurance company. I know it sounds like a boring job, but it’s a very social and rewarding job. Plus my financial statement analysis/accounting skills don’t go to waste.

I do need a creative outlet and cooking is it for me. I am a self-taught/mom and grandmother taught/food network taught/cookbook taught/food blogger taught cook with absolutely no formal training. I give credit to all my recipe inspirations. Blogging specifically has been a huge learning curve, but anything you try whether it’s a job  you are trained to do or a new hobby has a learning curve. I’m also on a photography learning curve just purchased my first DSLR Nikon camera. I love a challenge.

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